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Queen Umbra (mother)
Cordelia (sister)
Aurora (sister)

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Norah is the youngest daughter of Queen Umbra, and the sister of Cordelia. She is Aurora's half sister, and is highly respected by her. She arrived to Lemuria through a portal, and she was given magic rings by the Lady of the Forest.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Being the youngest daughter, Norah is vaguely reminiscent of her mother. She has pallid skin and long, white hair. She sports a long, white dress, and a similarly colored collar. She has a skinny build, just like Cordelia.

Norah presents herself as a just warrior, protective of her half-sister, and willing to end the darkness Queen Umbra had cast upon Lemuria. She presumably followed Aurora to Lemuria in order to bring her back to Austria. While on the party, Norah shows a compassionate nature, if a little xenophobic against Robert due to him being a Bolmus. After escorting Aurora to the Temple of the Moon, though, it is revealed that her former nature was an act. She was acting under the orders of Queen Umbra, and her real motive was to escort Aurora to the Forgotten Tower, where she could imprison and torture her half-sister.

Despite being younger than Cordelia, she is brighter and stronger than her sister. She shows a cunning nature both by successfully deceiving Aurora's party and by preferring to weaken Aurora's party with nerve gas before confronting them directly at the Temple of the Sun.

[edit] Story

Norah meets with Aurora shortly after the latter answers Finn's plight. She protects her half-sister throughout the way to the Temple of the Moon, where she claims to be a magical mirror that would return them to their home. Strongly against Robert's company, she grudgingly accepted answering his plight along Aurora.

Arriving at the magical mirror, Norah urges Aurora to cross it and return to Austria. In reality, though, their real destination was the Forgotten Tower, where they would meet with Queen Umbra and Aurora would be imprisoned and tortured. Before ordering Óengus to capture Aurora, Norah revealed herself to be Nox, daughter of Umbra, and loyal to her.

Norah is seen for a final time at the Temple of the Sun, where she, as Nox, attempted to kill Aurora with nerve gas. Unable to do so, she finally transformed into a sea serpent, and antagonized Aurora's party one last time before being finally killed.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Queen Umbra

Norah is Umbra's daughter. She uses her cunning and deception skills to further her mother's agenda, to which she is loyal.

[edit] Cordelia

Norah is Cordelia's sister. Their relationship is not explored in depth, but it is implied they were in good terms with each other and that they both worked together to further Umbra's agenda.

[edit] Aurora's Father

It is implied that Norah is daughter of both Umbra and the duke of Austria. Despite being her daughter too, she felt no remorse in helping her mother attempt to kill Aurora, and later leave him so she could assist Umbra in casting her eternal night over Lemuria.

[edit] Aurora

Norah is Aurora's half-sister on their father's side. They initially were in very good terms with each other, but after Norah betrays her half-sister, she reveals her true nature as a cruel and manipulative woman.

[edit] Robert

Norah dislikes Robert's company while on Aurora's party, calling him a giant rat and showing general discomfort with his presence. She begrudgingly tolerates Robert's company so she could lead Aurora to the Temple of the Moon.

[edit] Minor relationships

[edit] Battle

Main article: Nox

Norah transforms into an octopus-like sea serpent in order to antagonize Aurora's party. She uses two of her tentacles as allies during the battle. Her tentacles assist her with water-based attacks. while her main body relies on heavy blows and crunches. The main body can also counter interruptions with an unstoppable spell. While all three pieces of Nox are fast and deal a good amount of damage, they are highly susceptible to lightning, making Emeralds highly valuable for the battle. Moreover, none of her parts can deal non-water based damage, so Genovefa can resist her attacks with ease, especially if she is equipped with a sapphire.

[edit] Attacks

This section is about Norah's attacks while she is assisting Aurora. For her attacks when she is antagonizing Aurora, see Nox

  • Quicken (increases the speed of a light creature).
  • Lull (decreases the speed of a light creature).
  • Charm (puts Norah further on the timeline each turn).
  • Petrify (physical attack that has a chance of petrifying its target).
  • Unstoppable (makes a light creature immune to interruptions).
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