Guardian Statues

Guardian Statues



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The 'Guardian Statues are a pair of reanimated statues found at the Old Monastery at the Forest of Mathildis. They protect Queen Umbra's cursed stained glass window that holds the Lady of the Forest prisoner.


[edit] Appearance

Both statues are nearly identical; they are large gray humanoids with ancient attire, whose heads have been detached from their body, and so they hold them in their hands. One of the statues sports a lance, while the other sports a horn and a blindfold over its eyes.

[edit] Battle

The battle starts after Aurora shatters the stained glass window; both statues will awaken and seek for the one who broke the seal. The statue on the back will concentrate in healing and speeding up his party, while the statue on the front will concentrate on physically harming Aurora. Since Aurora is alone for the battle, the player must rely on Igniculus to slow down the statues and successfully connect a hit without being interrupted. Both statues are vulnerable to light and are not particularly resistant to magic, so the player can get an upper hand by casting Aurora's light magic on them.

It's best to take out the statue on the back first because it is the one who heals and accelerates its party. While the other statue can prove to be a menace, the speed buff the former statue grants could easily stun-lock an unsuspecting player, and its healing capabilities are enough to absorb Aurora's damage.

[edit] Aftermath

After the battle ends, the curse on the stained glass is lifted, and the Lady of the Forest is freed from her prison. Aurora obtains the stars from defeating the statues, which grants her the ability to fly.

[edit] Abilities

  • Mercury's Wings: Accelerates a single dark creature.
  • Ambrosia: Heals a single dark creature.
  • Jupiter's Lance: Deals physical damage to an enemy.
  • Decapitate: Deals physical damage to an enemy.

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